Carolina Lima de Oliveira

Graduanda em Design pela Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina


Transmedia Audiovisual Design

Matrix, Star Wars, Harry Potter and other media franchises, as well as the complex pervasive games called ARGs are contemporary manifestations usually related to a concept called transmedia, which contemplates collective strategies, practices, and processes in the construction of multi-media narrative worlds, where the public contributes to its maintenance and expansion, both in the establishment of connections between the stories and in the production of new texts. However, in addition to the narrative aspects, it is possible to identify possibilities for the design performance in the various communicational, industrial and experiential arrangements distributed among the various media, individuals, and content that transit through these complex ecosystems. This project aims, therefore, to investigate and improve the TRADE System (2017), developed for analysis and creation of the different interfaces of these transmedia compositions. Research that focuses on its applicability in different scenarios, especially in the deepening of issues related to the field of audiovisuality that advance with the increasingly significant presence of videos in internet communication.