Hiperlab | Laboratory of Hypermedia | aims to produce, foster and disseminate knowledge related to the improvement of the design processes of media and interactive products.

Hiperlab also seeks to develop innovative approaches and evaluate methods for testing within the scope of digital media, concerning language, user experience and accessibility.

Hiperlab is linked to the Graduate and Undergraduate courses in Design, which are part of the Communication and Expression Center at Federal University of Santa Catarina. PhD professors and researchers as well as graduate students in Design, Engineering and Knowledge Management, and Architecture form Hiperlab. This interdisciplinary environment promotes a broad academic integration.

The lab also hosts research groups certified by CNPq, as follows: Hypermedia Environments focused on the teaching-learning process, Design Group of Digital Publications, Lab Dat, Graphic Expression and Shape Representation, Digital Accessibility and Assistive Technologies.

The affiliate researchers are: Alice Cybis Pereira, André Sens, Berenice S. Gonçalves, Cláudia Batista, Gilson Braviano, Israel Bráglia, Júlio Teixeira, Luciane Maria Fadel, Mary Vonni Meurer de Lima and Vanessa Casarin.